Quirkies Originals
2 min readNov 29, 2023

Quirkies and Quirklings collectables

The world of Quirksville started with the OG’s, Quirkies. A group of 5000 brightly colored individuals celebrating their Quirks while promoting a active lifestyle and associated action sports.

Over time the Quirksville ecosystem expanded to included Quirklings, Quirkies companions who as part of early Quirksville Lore came to protect Quirkies from something more sinister.

The lore continues and the final enemy of Quirkies and Quirklings are still unknown. What is known however is how these characters intereact with the current Quirkies ecosystem.


The Quirksville ecosystem incorporated a 4 tier system for collectors to pair their companions. The tiers allow for different levels of ‘power’ in both the WEB3 and WEB2 realms. For example on the year round Quirkies Streetwear store Alpha tier receive a 20% discount compared to 5% for Delta. In WEB3 each tier has different strength levels in activation's such as questing.

It is important to remember each and every collectable is important within Quirksville.

As the Quirkies and in particular Quirkies Streetwear brands expand we see Quirkies collectables to become significant access points to events or activation which have significant shortage of supply vs demand dynamics creating inbound interest from WEB2 participants.



Quirkies Originals

Quirkies Orignals is a culture brand built out of WEB3 incorporating our love of Action Sport culture while celebrating everyone's quirks. You are Intended.